1. I'm new to riding, can I get some help to get me started?

So you're a total beginner and want to get moving. We can structure a session around you, covering all the basic skills  you need and guiding you down the best singletrack trails for your level. 


2. I've been riding regularly (on the road or off road), how do I improve?

We can work on your bike handling skills with advice on body position and movement, negotiating road/trail obstacles, cornering and braking. This will give you confidence to tackle more challenging terrain or routes.


3. I'm an experienced rider but still reach for the brakes when the road or trail gets steep or more technical. Why?

We'll take a look at your riding and work on developing the skills you need to handle your bike with confidence when things get tricky.  You'll learn to guide the bike and not be hanging on for the ride!


4. How do I manual a mountain bike?

This is the most important skill you'll master as a mountain biker. We'll show you how to to get the front wheel aloft with ease and get you clearing trail obstacles and riding off drops with confidence to create flow down the trails.


5. I've never had any coaching and I'm a confident rider. Do I need it? 

It's up to you! Coaching will look at your riding and make sure you have all the fundamental skills covered, such as body position, braking, manualling (MTB) and cornering. We will focus on weaker technical areas and pinpoint areas to get your best skills consolidated. This will help you ride faster with ease and less effort, letting the bike do what it's designed to do and taking you to more challenging terrain.


6. Is crashing normal?

A skilled rider won't crash very often (if at all).  If you're crashing every time you go out, you're probably lacking some core skills and need help making successful riding decisions. We can do this and build your confidence back up whilst enjoying the trails in the Surrey Hills.

7. I've signed up for a mountain bike holiday/road bike holiday/event or sportive and unsure what I've let myself in for. Can you help me prepare?

We have been there and we can help you prepare to get the most out of your adventure. Whether it's mountain biking or road biking, we know what good preparation and training looks like and we know it pays off.  There are several options to help you prepare for your trip. As far as skills and technical riding go, we can easily find steeper and looser sections of trail to allow you to develop a better understanding of bike handling and decision making on the fly. For the road riders we can focus on climbing efficiently, good body position and cadence. And when the road starts to head down, we'll work on your auto pilot kicking in, adjusting your body position for a rapid descent, focusing on braking points, line choice and reading the road ahead. We can also provide performance training plans to meet your specific fitness requirements.


8. Can you show me how to go off jumps and drops?

Yes we can. But we'll also make sure you have the skills you need to generate flow down a trail and proper bike handling to maintain rhythm over jumps and drops. We explore and use features on the trails to develop your skills and confidence and your ability to feel what the bike is doing both on the ground and in the air. 


9. Can I call you to discuss my riding needs?

No problem. Just give us a call on 07974 142599 we'll be happy to have a chat.