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We had a brilliant morning with Andrew…

We had a brilliant morning with Andrew covering the basics. Body position, cornering, breaking and the manual. Spot of lunch followed by a two hour guided ride around the Surrey hills. Amazing day !!. We now find ourselves constantly beating PB’s on Strava, and seeking out more challenging and tougher terrain every time we ride. Huge increase in confidence and speed since our day, so can’t thank you enough. Matt & Rich..

Matt S



Transformative teaching !

Andrew totally changed the way I think about riding my bike. I just wanted to be safer on my bike and after three hours, that rushed past, I was far more confident and a better rider. We even went down some single tracks that I would never have even looked at before. Andrew is an excellent instructor and made things very clear. He simplified technical jargon and made it accesible. I would recommend his services to anybody interested in improving their riding. Excellent, informative and very enjoyable morning.

Neil W


Well judged family training session

'Andrew put us at ease and taught us some well judged basic skills. We then put them to use on a few trails which started the consolidation each of us able to go at our own pace.

If you'd like to take a step forward with your mountain biking then this is a fun and effective way to pick up some new skills to apply"

Marcus W


Andrew did a family session for us

"Andrew did a family session for us, was tailored to our ability, built core skills we were looking for, and gave all 4 of us the confidence to get down the trails. Thanks. Highly recommended"

Matt B



Coaching session

"Great session learning the basics with Andrew. Much more confident heading down the trails afterwards. Will be back again once i progress to jumps!"

Richard W


You don't need to learn things the hard way...

"Three hours later I'm less nervous, more confident and (not that it matters) faster. It turns out that I don't need to comfort brake, can lean a bike and improve flow without learning the hard way. Andrew is a great instructor; patient and pleasant and lets your riding make the point for you. Very much recommended."

David B


Outstanding tuition

"Outstanding tuition from Andrew who really knows his s**t. In just one fun and insightful lesson, the guy took me from cautious beginner to a rider able to fly down a trail and over obstacles with confidence. Five stars all round."

Michelle A


"We had a fantastic morning with Andrew riding around Holmbury - he matched the difficulty of the trails to our ability and gave us helpful tips as new riders. Would highly recommend hiring Andrew to help you get to know the area"

Eleanor M


Mountain Biking Jedi

"This guy knows what he's doing and has the patience of a saint so that he can get you to do it too. I have gradually fallen in love with mountain biking and got more and more serious about it over the last 3 or 4 years, but have never had any instruction. In the absence of knowing what to ask for my 48th birthday present I thought perhaps a bit of training might be both fun and help me to become a better rider. I never really understood why I could do some stuff really well one day, but be really sketchy the next and why some guys looked so smooth going down a hill, whereas I was fairly sure I was more akin to a rabid bull in a china shop. Andrew stripped my technique back and just made a few small adjustments that got me doing a few simple basics well. He then got me to apply these on the trail. Immediately I could feel I was smoother and much more in control, I was working with the bike as opposed to having a ruck with it and the trail to boot. When I could feel my wheels leave the ground I had a degree of confidence that gravity wasn't the only force dictating where they going to land. A really great day in the most amazing place, this guy knows his onions, he even fixed a snapped cable and indexed my gears in a matter of minutes using a couple of tools and some form of Jedi powers. However good you are, or think you are, Andrew will make you better. Book him and go for a ride"

Alex R


"I had a great session with Andrew - absolutely knackered by the end. Andrew gave me plenty to take a way and work on. He's got a great style and approach. The time went very quickly. Looking forward to going on that guided ride sometime"

James C


"My wife, 11 year old daughter and I had a great day mountain biking with Andrew. We were all complete novices and by the end of the day we were going down single tracks we wouldn't have had the confidence to tackle without Andrew's coaching and guidance. He's very patient and has a warm and engaging coaching style. Thoroughly recommend his services"

Roger J


"Andrew made a massive difference to my jumping with some simple and very effective advice. The course was great fun - he's an effective coach but also great fun to ride with and an all-round good bloke. I'd recommend him"

Gareth J


"Andrew quickly spotted some bad habits I’d let creep in along with adding a few things I’d never picked up in the first place. We spent some time bedding in these skills along trails I tend to be wary of (not any more!) before heading out for an enjoyable spin around some of the best riding in the area to make sure it all sticks. A fun day out"

Mike F


I was given a one on one session with Andrew as a birthday gift, and safe to say it's one of the best presents I have had. I have been riding MTB for 2 decades, and picked up a lot of bad habits along the way - Andrew did a great job of taking it back to basics, breaking down my riding technique then building it back up again. Andrew has that talent for making potentially complicated things simple, and coaches in a way that means the information stays with you after the session has finished, enabling you to push on and put his caching into practice.. Highly recommended

Alex M


Great Christmas Present

"I was bought a one day session with Andrew for Christmas and what a great gift! Arranging the day was very simple and Andrew responds very quickly. Additionally as i live overseas he was able to arrange to have a spare bike available for me to ride. The day itself was split into a full morning session on skills and the afternoon riding some tracks in the Peaslake area. I have certainly come away with some new skills to try and some old ones to improve! Andrew was very patient, knowledgeable and i'd certainly recommend booking with him"

Chris G


"I was referred to Andrew at Rocks and Road by a local bike shop in London. I was visiting from the US on a work trip and I really wanted to go on a real mountain bike ride, but I did not have a lot of time , as my trip was focused on work and I chose not to bring my own bike due to the hassle involved in that. I had connected with several guides but none of them had good bike solutions for me. Andrew not only helped me find an awesome bike, but he told me what trains to take, and picked me up at the train station. The route he took me on through Surrey Hills was absolutely incredible. It was long and just challenging enough. As a guide, he was perfect. Super patient, showed me everything and took me to all the cool spots, Leith Hill, summer lightning trail, and an incredible ancient church. As a coach he was super helpful and gave me some great advice on cornering and jumping. He was very encouraging but did not nanny me or give too much advice. You really get to know someone on a 3 hour bike ride and it was a true pleasure to ride with him. I can be frustrating to travel and ride with sometimes because I constantly stop and take pics of everything, and especially here as I was in awe of the history and beauty. He is incredibly skilled and fast and also very humble and encouraging and a great source of knowledge. If you ask him he will tell you everything. He is a vip in the local area and has great insight into all the local riding spots. It was a true pleasure and I already booked him again for my next trip, and a ride with Andrew in Surrey Hills should be on every American mountain bikers bucket list".

Joel S


"Andrew gave me one-to one coaching on mountain bike basics on 20 Jan 2019. As an experienced road cyclist I thought I needed some specific training and boy was it worth it! Everything explained in a clear and detailed way, with Andrew demonstrating and me then practising. Have come away with far greater knowledge and am now practising as much as I can. Will definitely be going back for more coaching, there is quite a lot to mountain biking!"

Jon A


"Andrew was a very patient and attentive…

Andrew was a very patient and attentive instructor, he was able to find our faults and with a little tweak correct them. All I have to do now is go away and practise!"

Judy E


"I found our lesson really helpful and…

I found our lesson really helpful and perfectly tailored to our needs"

Susie L


Great coaching

"Great morning, learnt a lot! Thank you 😁"

Laura K


Great coaching from Andrew

"Great coaching from Andrew. Gave us enough to challenge our limits, but kept it safe enough that no one got hurt."

Rob P


Surrey Hills 50th Mtb ride

"Andy. Thanks for a great guided ride last Saturday the technique tips proved very useful on the steep down hill section"

Paul F


Andrew is a very pleasant approachable…

"Andrew is a very pleasant approachable and friendly chap who is a great guide/coach. Pushed me enough, has good skills himself and also knew when I’d had enough! I learnt a lot and will be booking again in the near future. Great stuff, immensely enjoyed my day even in the mud and rain!"

Jon D


Awesome ride in the Surrey Hills ..

"Awesome ride in the Surrey Hills ... learned a few skills as well ... great experience. Andrew took his time to explain each trail before we went down it, so we knew exactly what to expect"

Gus W


Excellent morning's tuition

"The Core Skills course covered exactly the areas where I want to improve, and I really liked Andrew's teaching style. He started with basics and worked up from there, leaving me with a lot to think about and plenty to practise with. But he doesn't teach 'at you', he engages you, gets you to think about what feels right, and I like that. I found him supportive, encouraging, good at identifying issues clearly, and also good at spotting when not to overload me with 'and another thing!'. Ace session - highly recommended - looking forward to building on those foundations"

Neil P


"Good Day out MTB improving

Andrew was very patient and explained things well. He was very observant of my technique and gave very useful improvement tips. I will be back. Thank you"

Nigel L


"Great Service

Great service. Very happy to recommend"

Angela C


"Have used Andrew twice and excellent…

Have used Andrew twice and excellent coaching on both times"

Peter M


"Learned lots

A great experience - as back to basics as required and gives a new perspective at whatever level"

Chris 6


"Enjoyable day

Enjoyable day Good balance of skills training between my son (good) and me (not so good!) Tiring full day but good value for 2 of us. Experienced calm trainer, encouraging Will go again"

Neville B


"An excellent training day

An excellent training day, I am now much more confident over jumps and generally with my riding"

Richard F-S


"Andrew is an excellent coach

Andrew is an excellent coach, I feel I've moved my riding on more in the two sessions that I have had with him than I have in the past 20 years. Really knows his stuff and has been a great help. Recommend him wholeheatedly - and definitely recommend getting a lesson. You will learn a lot"

Adam S


Very good mtb coaching on Sunday with …

"Very good mtb coaching on Sunday with Andrew. I booked very last minute and he was very accomodating. He listed to what I wanted to approve on and had a good balance on perservering with techniques until they started to click and moving on to something new. I would recommend coaching with Andrew at all levels of mtbing and I am looking forward to putting the techniques I have learnt into action! Thanks Lizzie"

Lizzie H


Another great session with Andy

"Had another great coaching session with Andy, 4 regular riders all banged to pick up some little nuggets of information, confirmation of great solid coaching technique, elements are broken down into techniques which you can understand, highly recommended"

Malcom H


"Thanks for your guidance yesterday. Had a great day of tutoring and guided ride in Surrey hills. Looking forward to the next course. Thanks for your patience"

Simon B


Excellent coaching and guiding

"I had a fantastic time with Andrew doing 3 hours of 1-1 MTB coaching and a 2 hour guided ride in the Surrey hills. He is an excellent coach and I feel like I made huge technical improvements during the course of the day. I am an experienced road and track cyclist, but an infrequent mountain bike rider and my lack of technique and confidence on the trails was holding me back. Andrew's coaching helped me enormously and by the end of the day we were flying down singletrack runs (well, it felt like flying to me!). Everything was taken one step at a time and Andrew was careful not to overload me with different things to work on, which meant I was able to concentrate on the important points he was teaching me. Andrew's varied experience of different cycling disciplines and snowsports definitely helped in getting me to understand how I needed to change my riding to improve. I would highly recommend his coaching and guiding to anyone interested in improving their skills or exploring the trails"

Matthew P


Had an excellent MTB coaching session …

"Had an excellent MTB coaching session with Andrew at Peaslake today. I learned a great deal and it immediately transformed my riding confidence. Andrew is very good at explaining concepts and then helping you to put them into practice. I would thoroughly recommend a session with him"

Bill D


Great 1-2-1 MTB coaching

"Andrew helped straighten out some of my bad mountain bike habits, and improved and added to core skills. The 3 hr coaching session corrected my ready position, improved my cornering, enhanced my movement on the bike and, by the end how to manual. I also booked the 2 hr guided ride which gave the opportunity to test and apply this in a 'live' environment. Overall highly recommended. Now to consolidate....."

Richard L


Great MTB training

"I recently took part in one of Andrew's training sessions and really enjoyed it as well as learning some great skills which were very effective and quick to implement that I will be able to benefit from and use in my MTB riding. Andrew's coaching style was patient, relaxed and easy to follow. I would recommend his coaching to anyone looking to improve or refresh their technique"

Duncan M


Training with Andrew S From Rocks and road

"I did some training with Andrew of rocks and roads recently. This was my first training session, but wont be my last. Andrew Quickly built confidence in the group and had us all feeling we wanted to test ourselves under his calm direction. i would highly recommend using Andrews services if you want to re-find some of your lost skills"

Jim J


"Great day out in Surrey Hills today going back to basics then hitting trails in the afternoon to put it into practice.

Would highly recommend"

Sean M


Great MTB Coach

"Just had a great weekend being coached by Andy in the Surrey Hills, learnt a huge amount and confidence really grew through the course, would recommend Andy to all levels and abilities he can explain the basics which are needed in order to progress to the bigger stuff, highly recommended"

Malcolm H


"I learnt so much today, Andrew explained it all and knew exactly how to challenge me and get the best out of me. Absolutely loved it and would recommend him to everyone".

Richard G


"Great MTB instructor - calm, and encouraging

Quick responses to booking the session and clear instructions how to get there and meet up. Andrew immediately puts you at ease and then builds up your confidence and ability over the session. Good engagement, and really clear and calm direction to performing techniques, which helps build your confidence up gradually so you try things that you wouldn't otherwise do! The only downside is 3.5 hrs was a little to long for me and offering a couple of different time options might work better".

Francine D


"I had a very good session with Andrew this morning. He is an excellent coach, being personally agreeable, fun to chat to on a number of subjects, technically highly knowledgeable and, most importantly good at imparting that knowledge by  being challenging without being daunting. He was dealing with an overweight 70 year old and we managed to do a lot."

Kelvin R


“Thank you for your instruction this weekend.  

Even though I’ve been mountain biking for many years now, I learnt a great deal, which will hugely help in terms of increasing flow, reducing effort per mile and staying safe.“

Jamie B


"Saturday's course was fantastic; Andrew was an excellent coach, both of us feel like we are riding more confidence and smoothness now. You will definitely see us again for a more advanced course!

Many thanks"
Rob and Emily C

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